Lisa BruceProducer

Lisa has an extensive background in domestic and international feature production for both independent and studio films, working in all capacities of production with budgets ranging form $300,000 to $30,000,000.  Most recently she co-executive produced ‘No Strings Attached’ starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kuchner, and in 2009 she co-produced ‘Case 39’ staring Renée Zellweger, Ian McShane and Bradley Cooper and executive produced ‘Fighting,’ starring Channing Tatum and Terence Howard.

Brent Morris – Producer

Brent has been a producer, line producer or production manager on over forty productions including the the noted film ‘Monster’, featuring the Oscar award winning performance of Charlize Theron, Rob Zombie’s ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ and ‘Smoke Signals,’ which won both the audience and filmmakers’ awards at Sundance in 1998, Brent also worked on ‘American Gun,’ which featured James Coburn’s final film performance.

Bianca Goodloe Legal

A founding partner of Goodloe Anderson LLP, Ms. Goodloe is licensed to practice in California and New York, and is a Foreign Registered Advocate with the European Union. She has years of experience in film finance, intellectual property, media and corporate law, and was instrumental in the first successful structuring of a U.S. Tax Code Section 181 federal production tax incentive financing model for a diversified class of U.S. investors, with a capital commitment exceeding $500,000,000.

Ms. Goodloe is fluent in Czech and Slovak and proficient in German and Polish, with extensive international experience at top global and magic circle law firms, starting her career at Weil, Gotshal & Manges, LLP (Prague) and Linklaters LLP (Prague, Berlin and London) before founding Bezdek Goodloe Law (Los Angeles and New York), the predecessor to Goodloe Anderson LLP.

Ms. Goodloe has served as an adjunct professor at New York University and University of California Los Angeles, and is a frequent speaker at international film festivals and conferences, including Winston Baker’s Film Finance Forum (Singapore and Los Angeles), Screen International’s Film Finance Summit (London), the International Institute for Film Finance (Los Angeles and New York City), Variety’s Creative Financing Conference (Cannes), Variety’s Eurowood Film Finance Conference (Czech Republic and London) and Eurimages Film Conference (Czech Republic).

Valerie McCaffrey – Casting Director

As an independent casting director coming from the studio level, Valerie uses her knowledge to the producing capacity as well. She recently produced an award-winning film directed by Van Fischer entitled “Neo Ned”, starring Gabrielle Union and Jeremy Renner. She also produced the family film “Magic” which is currently in post, as well as the short film “Full Disclosure”, which won awards in festivals such as Ashland, Florida, Seattle, and Sedona, just to name a few. Along with producing, Valerie also cast the critically acclaimed “Hard Candy” (she put Ellen Page in her first American film), “The Dukes”, “What the Bleep Do We Know!?”, and “Hero Wanted.”

From April 1994-2000, Valerie held the position of Vice President of Feature Film Casting for New Line/Fine Line Films. During her tenure at New Line/Fine Line, Ms. McCaffrey cast scores of films, developing strong relationships with all major talent agencies and management firms. Among the many highlights of her career, she cast Edward Norton and Eddie Furlong in New Line Cinema’s “American History X.” Mr. Norton received an Oscar Nomination for Best Actor for his gripping portrayal and Mr. Furlong’s performance was heralded as the best of his career. From 1985-94 as a casting executive at Universal Studios she cast James Cromwell in “Babe”, earning him an Oscar Nomination. She cast such films as “Hard Target” (John Woo’s first American Film) and “Dark Man” (Sam Raimi’s first studio film) among scores of others.

AK Consulting and Distribution

AK Consulting and Distribution is committed to insuring that great, worthy, independent films reach the maximum worldwide audiences they so richly deserve. The principals of AK Distribution have over 30 years of success in film distribution for top studios with James R. “Jimmy” Spitz, working for 12 years as President of Domestic Sales and Distribution for Columbia Pictures and 10 years in charge of Distribution for 20th Century Fox, and Richard M. “Rick” Myerson working for 20 years as Executive Vice-President in charge of Sales for 20th Century Fox.

After decades of success in film distribution for top studios, Jimmy and Rick recognize that the independent filmmaker has been, and continues to be, the “step-child” of the industry when it comes to the marketing and distribution of their films. Their knowledge about number of prints, dates and screens and the most effective marketing and advertising strategies, as well as their years of warm cemented relationships with every major film circuit in the United States, Canada and around the world can guarantee proper contacts and placement in as many screens as possible for independent filmmakers.

Sherry Jarrett – Line Producer / Production Manager

Sherry Jarrett (formerly Sherry King) Owner and President of Cavallo Pictures, has worked as a line producer and production manager in film, television, commercials and documentaries for the past 16 years.  Working with major studios and television networks such as Viacom, Disney, Turner Pictures, Imagine Films, Alliance Atlantis, CTV, NBC, ABC, CBS, Showtime and Maverick Entertainment, Sherry has had the opportunity to work on co-productions with such countries as India, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and her experience on projects across all of Canada is essential in understanding Canadian Tax Credits.

Sherry has had the privilege of working with such actors as Ellen Burstyn, Laura Dern, Minnie Driver, Malcolm McDowell and Vanessa Redgrave.  Recently, Sherry has been Line Producing features and television shows such as “Sam’s Lake” for Maverick Entertainment, “Caught In the Headlights” shot in Saskatchewan for Alliance Atlantis, and Canada’s edgy TV series “Whistler” for CTV.

With a BA in Visual Arts and Child Psychology from University of Western Ontario, Sherry is also a graduate of the Vancouver Film School. She formed Cavallo Pictures, Ltd. with her husband Kirk Jarrett, a stunt coordinator, liberty horse trainer and director, in order to develop in-house projects that she can oversee from creative conception to distribution.  Currently Cavallo Pictures is in development on numerous projects for film, television and commercials such as the western “Injustice”, “Natural Instinct” a thriller-horror project, and an eco friendly awareness show “Green With Envy”.

Mike Loades – Period Action Consultant

Best known as a tv host/presenter (Weapons That Made Britain, Weapon Masters) and for his on screen appearances as a military historian and historical weapons expert in dozens of tv documentaries, Mike is also an author.  His widely acclaimed and lavishly illustrated book  – Swords and Swordsmen – is both a history of the sword and of swordfighting styles. In examining surviving swords that were once owned by famous swordsmen, Mike is able to interweave the overall thread of sword evolution with enthralling stories of these men and their times. Stories that span from Ancient Egypt to the American Civil War, and take in the sword of the samurai along the way. It is the story of the sword in war and also the history of the private duel.

As an Action Arranger, Mike has worked on hundreds of productions for stage and screen, specializing in historical action. He taught European historical fighting styles in London drama schools for twenty-five years and was an early pioneer in the practical interpretation of medieval and renaissance fight manuals.

Mike also produces, writes and directs for television and he has directed five drama/documentaries for tv and two widely acclaimed videos. From Britain he now lives in San Francisco and continues to work on various writing and television projects

Robert Chapin – Special Effects, CGI Artist / Supervisor

Robert has a remarkable history and reputation in the Hollywood Film and TV industry for his work as a Visual Effects Artist and Supervisor.  Also a skilled stuntman, swordsman and actor his credits include work on over 45 Feature Films and 12 Television Series for 15 different studios.  Selected credits for work on feature films include Inception, Crouching Tiger, Con Air, The Big Lebowski, Independence Day, Shutter Island, Chronicles of Riddick, Iron Man, X Men 2 & 3, Fantastic Four 1 and 2 and Star Trek Nemesis to name a few while television Credits include work on Chuck, Criminal Minds, and CSI Las Vegas and CSI Miami.

Michelle Ladd  – Motion Capture Director

Michelle has been working as a professional choreographer of dance, stunts, and staged combat and as a Motion Capture Director throughout North America, Britain, Scandinavia, and Asia since 1998.  Film credits as a Motion Capture Director include Mummy 3, Prince Caspian, Pirates of the Carribean, 3, Night at the Museum, Flags of Our Fathers, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Motion Capture Combat Choreographer for The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of The Rings, Return of the King.