True Edge Entertainment is an Integrated Multi-Level Media Company dedicated to serving all audiences who are passionate about Swordsmanship and Sport Fencing and emphasizing notions of Honor and Valor.

The company was founded in early 2011 with the purpose to provide a diverse selection of entertainment opportunities for multiple-era period enthusiasts including social video and apps games, family table and card games, graphic novels, reality and fictional web and television series, live entertainment and events, fantasy swordfighting workshops and more; all focused upon to the worlds of Gladiators, Vikings, Medieval Times, The Renaissance and Restoration, Pirates and Samurai, among others.

The True Edge Entertainment management and artistic team have extensive experience in all facets of the entertainment industry. The Founder is an internationally recognized expert in Theatrical Sword Play and Fight Directing as well as an accomplished Theatrical Producer and Production Director. Additionally, True Edge Entertainment has strong relationships with key personnel and consultants to fill important roles for development and production on an as-needed basis.

To support a mission to contribute back to our world, True Edge Entertainment intends to support non-profit organizations and clinics providing mental and health care to victims of abuse and violence.