True Edge Pictures, LLC

We are committed to:

Producing feature films that explore traditional notions of honor, loyalty, valor and basic human values, are emotionally and psychologically compelling and which utilize period swordplay as a viable component of the story.

Being on the Cutting Edge of entertainment in all matters of production.

Speaking to an audience of all ages.

Generating positive investment returns.

Supporting organizations that provide assistance to victims of violence.

True Edge Pictures is unique in the Film Industry in that we specialize in producing character driven period action films, which utilize the sword.  True Edge Pictures will provide opportunities for artists and investors alike to expand their personal and professional horizons, to take comfortable risks, to experience and support creative breakthroughs and to excel while doing so.  People around us will prosper personally, professionally and financially while experiencing new and exciting levels of enjoyment in their work and lives.

True Edge Pictures strives to always operate with creativity and integrity in all its artistic and business dealings and stands for quality and fun in every aspect of our lives.  We are responsible for bringing our voice, passion and vision to the entertainment screens of both Film and Television in a manner that will inspire, entertain, inform and provoke audiences worldwide.