Jasmine Ellsworth –Executive Vice President


asmine Ellsworth is a young veteran of Hollywood, with credits as diverse as video game tradeshow and event representations for Disney, Imagi Studios, Comedy Central and 20th Century Fox at some of the largest industry events such as E3, Licensing Show, Comic-Con and Anime Expo. As one of the few visual creative people in the business who can think from both a blue sky high-concept perspective as well as a operational and budget savvy point of view she has excelled in a broad field of disciplines.

For the past four years, she has run her own firm, Macrocosm Studio and has taken on movie premiers like Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at the El Capitan Theatre and Astro Boy at the “Blue Core” club (re-decorated Hollywood and highlands night-club), as well as microcosmic work such as the Gene Simmons guitar peripherals for Guitar Hero, the Axe and the Punisher. Her work with the creative executive team overseeing Harry Potter the Exhibition and Narnia the Exhibition lead to her continued involvement with both traveling exhibitions as the Prop and Set Master for both shows.

Clients have included Imagi Studios, Mattel, Walt Disney Imagineering, Disney Consumer Products, Disney Interactive Studios Media, Walt Disney Special Events, Warner Brother Studios, 20th Century Fox Consumer Products, Comedy Central, Encore Entertainment, Digital Dollhouse and the Geena Davis Foundation. Previously, she was a senior designer at Disney Interactive Studios, which included long stretches filling in as the head of Creative Services where she designed, produced and oversaw the yearly installation of E3, a $2.4M tradeshow for Disney while simultaneously designing and producing an almost +100 SKU slate of video games each year.

Her depth of experience has gives her an equally strong understanding of drafting and execution, commercial appeal and aesthetics and clients praise her driven enthusiasm for every part of the process — whether it’s the design of a promotional item, the management of a multimillion-dollar budget, or the direction of a project’s whole aesthetic flight.