A Comprehensive Guide to Theatrical Swordplay

“And They Fight…” is a 23 hour, 15 disc. series presenting a comprehensive training process for The Medieval Broadsword, Rapier & Dagger of The Renaissance, The Transitional Single Rapier and The Smallsword of The Restoration.

Each discipline examines, among other things, a history of the weapon, how to hold and safely handle the weapons, training drills for beginning to advanced students culminating with a final sword fight executed within the context of a dramatic scene.

The series also includes an Introductory DVD as well as a Bonus DVD providing an introduction to Sword & Shield, Sword & Cloak, Sword & Buckler and Double Rapier.

“ And They Fight…” is an outstanding instructional series that clearly illuminates the art of theatrical swordfighting for theatre practitioners at every level. The information included in these DVD’s is brilliantly presented in an easy to understand and entertaining format.  As a professional actor, movement teacher, and fight director, “And They Fight…” has proven to be an invaluable resource.  This series should be included in the library of every actor, teacher, fight director, and actor-training program.-Chris Duval


“And They Fight…” may be purchased as Separate Disciplines or a Complete Set.

Pricing Information

Introductory DVD -2 hrs. 22 min. $ 100.00
Required for purchase of other disciplines.

Broadsword – 4 hrs. 20 min. $ 125.00

Rapier & Dagger – 6 hrs. 26 min. $ 150.00

Single Rapier – 5 hrs. 28min. $ 125.00

Smallsword – 4 hrs. $ 125.00

Complete Set – 23 hrs. $ 500.00

Bonus Video – 42 min. $ N/C
Only available with purchase of all disciplines