rue Edge Pictures was founded by Gregory Hoffman and funded to fully develop 8 to 10 screenplays based upon period action content.  True Edge Pictures seeks to partner with other single or multiple film companies for individual and/or multiple projects here in the US and also internationally.

Projects are derived and developed from both original material as well as adaptations of novels and short stories from all around the world.  These riveting and provocative film projects focus upon stories that explore long held notions of Honor, Valor and Loyalty and utilize the sword.  Our stories are both timeless and archetypal, and are developed with an intent to be of lasting interest for all audiences worldwide.

The True Edge Pictures management and producing team has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, both in film production and live theatre.  The Founder is an internationally recognized expert in Theatrical Sword Play and Fight Directing as well as a very accomplished Theatrical Production Director and Producer.  True Edge Pictures also has strong relationships with key personnel throughout the industry to fill important roles for production on an as-needed basis.

To support a mission statement to contribute back to our world, True Edge Pictures intends to support non-profit organizations and clinics providing mental and health care to victims of abuse and violence.